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Almond French Nails – Tips for A Perfect French!

Simple French Manicure for Almond Nails with a Bling: Gem Stone Nail Art

Are you looking for a classic, beautiful nail design? Almond French tips are the perfect way to add some sophistication and glamour to your look. This timeless style is both elegant and simple, making it a great choice for any occasion. Plus, with just a few easy steps, anyone can achieve this gorgeous look! Keep reading to find out all the secrets of almond French nails including what NOT to do…

What Are Almond French Tip Nails?

In short – almond French nail design means getting an almond-shaped nail and putting on a French manicure and vualá. But this is not why we are here…

We all know what a French manicure is all about… However, one of the best things you can do with nail designs is to go crazy… to update and personalize the old classic with a new “you”. And in the nail design world, what’s classier than a French manicure…?

That’s what Almond French Nails are all about!

And the cool thing about almond-shaped nails is that they are completely versatile. Unlike short round nails that are more of a day-to-day design, and their complete opposites coffin and stiletto nail shapes, almonds are like chameleons.

Make your almond tips white and you can fit right into a classy dinner. Make them with every color in the rainbow and you are all set for a day in the sun. Make them black or burgundy (or black and burgundy together?) and you are ready for the red carpet.

The French tip is like the cream of the crop of personalization and attention to your outfit. But, let’s let the fingers do the talking… just browse below –

Almond French Nails Inspiration –

How to do Almond French Nails at Home?

So, you have decided to go for almond French nails at home. Here are a few tips to get the perfect look!

1. Start with clean and dry nails – make sure your nails are free of any dirt or oils as this will make it easier for the polish to adhere.

2. Shape your nails into an almond shape – use a nail file and gently round off each side of the tip of your nail until they resemble an almond shape.

3. Apply your base coat – start by applying a clear base coat to protect your natural nails from the effects of polish and add shine.

4. Paint two coats of white polish on each nail – apply two thin coats of white polish to each nail, making sure to let it dry between each coat.

5. Draw and shape the French tip – using a thin brush, draw an arc across the top of your almond-shaped nails and fill in with white polish.

6. Apply top coat – seal in your French tips by applying a clear top coat over the entire design.

7. Enjoy your beautiful nails! – Your almond french nails are now complete and you can enjoy them for days or weeks on end!

That’s all there is to it – easy as pie (but way fancier). With this tutorial, you can easily create elegant almond French nails at home anytime you want!

There are of course easier ways.

The first is to go to a nail salon near you… The second –

Almond French Tip Acrylic Nails –

The two most obvious places to buy fake, press-on, acrylic almond French tip nails are Amazon and Etsy.

These nails are ready-made, pre-glued, and usually come in a variety of sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your nails. All you have to do is remove the backing, press it firmly into place and there you go: almond French tip perfection!

I personally like Etsy better for this because it has such a wide selection of high-quality nails and the prices are very affordable. Plus, I have the feeling that chances of seeing a friend of mine wearing the same nails are slimmer when I buy there… It usually shows designs that are unique.

Did you Know?

Did you know that almond shaped nails are ideal for chubby fingers?

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Almond French Look

1. Start with a Buff: Before you begin painting your nails, make sure to buff them into shape. This will help ensure that your almond tips are even and symmetrical.

2. Measure it Up: To get consistent almond tips, measure from the center of each nail before applying the polish. That way, all of your nails will have the same shape and look more polished than ever!

3. Get Creative: When it comes to color combinations and designs, feel free to experiment! With almond French manicures, there’s plenty of room for creativity so don’t be afraid to try something new!

4. Apply Top Coat: As with any manicure, it’s important to apply a top coat to seal and protect the color. This will help your almond French nails stay put for longer!

What Not To Do When Doing Almond French Nails

1. Don’t rush: Rushing through the process of painting your nails can lead to uneven shapes or mistakes in the design. Take your time and make sure each nail is perfect before you move on!

2. Don’t Over-File: Filing down your tips too much can lead to breakage and tears in the nail bed. Keep it light and gentle when filing so that you don’t damage your natural nails.

3. Don’t Skip Top Coat: While it may seem like an extra step, applying a top coat is essential for keeping your design looking fresh and intact. Make sure you take the time to seal in your manicure with a top coat!

Tips for Maintaining your Almond French in Good Condition

1. Keep it Clean: Regularly cleaning your nails and the surrounding skin will help maintain the look of your almond French manicure for longer.

2. Avoid Water Exposure: Try to keep your hands away from water as much as possible, especially if you’re wearing a light-colored polish. This will help prevent any smudges or fading in the colors.

3. Reapply Top Coat: To keep your design looking fresh, reapply the top coat every few days. This will help lock in moisture and protect your color from chipping off or fading over time.

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