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Emerald Green Nails – Fresh Designs & Ideas

Black and Glittery Emerald Green Nails

It’s no secret that nails have been having a moment lately. Whether it’s the return of the French manicure or gel nails in every color of the rainbow, there’s no shortage of trends to try. But if there’s one trend that’s been everywhere lately, it’s emerald green nails. This rich, jewel-toned shade is perfect for the holiday season, and we can’t get enough of it!

Whether you’re attending a fancy gala or just want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, emerald green nails are always a good idea. But what exactly is it about this regal color that has us so enchanted? Which design would look best on every occasion? Which nail polish would complement it best?

Let’s explore the many facets of emerald green nails, from their rich history to the modern-day trends they inspire. But first thing first… before diving into history, let’s enjoy some of the best designs it has to offer…

variety of deep & dark emerald green nails

Trendiest Emerald Green Nail Designs & Ideas

Some emerald nail designs seem to be getting better traction than others. Here are the “best of the best” designs:

Emerald Green And Gold Nails –

As any fashion-savvy woman knows, emerald green and gold are a classic color combo that never goes out of style. And what better way to show off your sense of style than with a fresh manicure? Whether you opt for a classic green polish or something a little more sparkly, adding some gold accents is sure to give your nails a chic and sophisticated look.

Matte Emerald Green Nails –

If you’re looking for a nail design that’s both trendy and understated, matte emerald green nails are the way to go. This simple yet chic style is perfect for everyday wear, and it’s easy to achieve with any green polish and a matte top coat. You can also add some gold or silver accents for a little bit of extra pizzazz.

Small disclaimer – I’m not the best person to ask about matte nails because I LOVE THEM!!!

Emerald Green Glitter Nails –

Who doesn’t love a little bit of glitter? (or a lot!) If you want your nails to sparkle and shine, try out a glittery emerald green design. You can use any type of green polish as your base color, then add some glittery accents in a coordinating shade. Gold or silver glitter would look especially stunning against a rich green base.

Emerald Green French Tip Nails –

This trend can actually be interpreted in two ways, one being any color of the base but with a French tip in an Emerald green color, the other being an emerald green base with a French tip in any color. If you ask me, both would look spectacular, play around and let me know which color combination you liked best (or even better – show us!).

Some of the popular mixes are black and emerald and of course silver or gold with emerald.

Which Nail Shapes wear Emerald Green the best?

While some nail colors do tend to look better on certain shapes, or at least on certain nail lengths, this deep and rich hue goes amazingly well with all (or at least most).

Still, there are trends, and currently what I’m seeing is that Coffin Emerald green nails are by far the most popular. If I had to guess the reason I would say it has something to do with the sophistication and regality that this color oozes, and what’s more sophisticated or regal than a coffin nail?

Almond Emerald green nails would be second in popularity, but I’m seeing Coffin nails with this hue more often. Either way, both represent medium-length nail shapes. And indeed, short nails are less seen around in this color.

“Regular” Green vs Emerald Green Nails –

If you’re not sure whether you want to go for a classic green nail color or an emerald colored manicure, there’s no need to worry! Both shades are beautiful and versatile, and they can be used to create stunning nail designs. So which one should you choose?

Well, it really depends on your personal preference. If you want something that’s a little more unique, then emerald green is the way to go. But if you’re looking for a shade that’s a little more subdued, then regular green might be a better option.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you think looks best on your nails!

How To Choose The Right Emerald Green Nail Polish For You?

There aren’t too many shades of Emerald out there, some darker, some lighter, some sparkly. As for which design and color to choose, start with the basic questions:

-Your skin tone: If you have fair skin, then you’ll want to choose a light emerald green shade. But if you have darker skin, then you can go for a richer and deeper hue.

-Your outfit: What color are you going to be wearing? If you’re not sure, then it’s always safe to go with a neutral shade like classic green. But if you have a specific outfit in mind, then you can choose a polish that complements the colors in your clothing.

-The occasion: Is this a formal event or a casual get-together? If it’s the former, then you’ll want to choose a polish that looks more sophisticated, like an emerald green with gold glitter accents. But if it’s the latter, then you can go for something a little more fun and whimsical, like a pastel green shade.

But then, what’s left is which nail polish to choose and where to buy from…?

Of course, the popular brands carry them. You can look into the following:

  1. Essie – Off Tropic
  2. OPI – Stay Off the Lawn!!
  3. Amazon – Huge Collection as Always
  4. Etsy – Offers more unique and interesting polish you may not see everywhere

The History of Emerald Green Nails 

I know and understand NO ONE is here for a lesson in history, however, it would explain what goes inside our heads when we encounter this deep and rich green color. Bare with me and I promise to keep it short and worthwhile…

Emerald green has been associated with wealth and luxury for centuries. At the end of the day, when we hear the word “emerald” we first imagine the emerald stone and then the emerald green color.

In recent years, emerald green (mostly jewelry) has become a red carpet staple. Celebrities like Julianne Moore, Olivia Wilde, and Lupita Nyong’o have all sported the look on the red carpet, adding a touch of old Hollywood glamour to their stylish ensembles. The result is quite simple… Hollywood + Instagram = New Trend


Whether you’re looking for a classic manicure or something more modern, there’s an emerald green nail polish out there for you. So go ahead and give this regal color a try – your nails will thank you!

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