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The Luxury Nails nail salon name is one of the trendiest salon names out there. And with a name like that, there is a huge obligation behind it.

But aside from the luxury obligation, a name like that comes with a problem… Which Luxury Nails were you looking for?

You see… for the time of writing these lines, Google search of “Luxury Nails” would get you about 1,270,000 results!

So we had no choice but to run through them and find the highest-rated ones. And if by chance we missed one – let us know!

* Small note… we did take into account that Luxury Nails can be an abbreviation for something like Luxury Nails & Spa or Inc. so we added these as well.

Before we dig into the luxury nail salons out there, we wanted to quickly answer the most basic question:

What Do Luxury Nails Mean for Us?

Practically anyone can start a business and add the phrase luxury to its name. There is no certificate you have to earn. The result, just drive to the “luxury” car garage or “luxury” storage near you.

Needless to say, it’s not what you’re here for. Therefore, aside for sharing all of the most “famous” luxury nails and spa near you, we’ll also share which of them seems to be really giving the luxury treatment…

Here are some special luxury treatments we’d love to find in our nail salon & spa:

  1. Free drinks – from wine and cocktails to simply cool bottled water.
  2. Chocolate or fruit platter – sounds like much but it exists and this is a must after a long day of work!
  3. Entertainment – from TVs to live music, we’re sure you can find a luxury salon that has it.
  4. Specialty services – things like reflexology, paraffin treatments, and more.
  5. Robe and Sandals – to be provided by the salon while we’re waiting for our nails to be done or for a spa treatment
  6. Non-toxic polishes and nail care products – we want to avoid any nasty surprises!
  7. Pampering extras such as aromatherapy, massage, etc.
  8. Personalized service – we want to feel like royalty!
  9. And of course… a perfect nail job!

Featured Luxury Nails & Spa Salons

Luxury Nails & Spa in Gainesville Florida

Important and interesting takeaways from their website:

Located at a beautiful place in Gainesville, Luxury Nails & Spa offers the ultimate in pampering and restoring your beauty with our whole-hearted, careful & professional staff.


Our salon takes pride in providing our valued customers all good services and top-high quality products as well as materials.

With 350 Google reviews average of 4 stars, this is a place worth exploring.

Example pricing:

Address: 2001 Northwest 13th Street #30, Gainesville, FL 32609
Phone: 352-745-7117

That is the luxury nail salon experience!!

Our salon takes pride in providing our valued customers all good services and top-high quality products as well as materials.

Luxury Nails and Spa in Louisville Colorado

According to their website:

Luxury Nails and Spa is a premier salon in this area. The service they offer will satisfy your needs for enhancing natural beauty while refreshing the day with top-high quality products that are both affordable and exceptional! You have plenty of options when it comes to services, so you can use any type or style which suits your personal preference best without hesitation at Luxury nails & spa.

And I love their headline:

Leave your stressful work behind and enjoy happy time with us!

So few understand and remember that this is at least 50% of what we’re looking for. It’s not only about the nails!

With about 250 Google reviews at 4.6!!! If you are in the location – do check them out:

Address: 1355 E South Boulder Rd #J, Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 720-890-5007

Luxury Nails & Spa - Decatur, Georgia

Aims to provide a personal touch a luxurious feeling:

“Our motto is to deliver endearing customers the most luxurious experience ever, and when they walk out of our store, they leave a happy customer. Together, our technician team cooperate and work hard to form a smile on our customers’ face.

If our customers are happy – we are happy!”

If our customers are happy – we are happy!"

And what do customers have to say?

With over 300 reviews averaging above 4.1 stars, they say yes!

Address: 2641 N Decatur Rd Ste C-D, Decatur, GA 30033

Phone: 470-355-1923

Luxury Nails and Spa - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Interestingly, this New Mexico renowned location has no website. But they do share thousands of photos on their social media accounts…

So while we usually opt for locations that have more online presence, and that allow online appointment setting – I couldn’t resist adding this one due to their 4.4-star average rating based on a whopping 270 reviews.

Address: 7441 Paseo Del Norte NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone: 505-797-8171

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