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Miraculous Ladybug Nail Swag Set in Box

miraculous ladybug nail swag set in box on Amazon

I’m what some might say crazy about nails and all that is nails. I admit. But I’m also a mother to the sweetest girl on earth (objectively). So when I encountered this Miraculous Ladybug Nail Swag I just knew I had to cover it in the blog. 

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure if it should be part of the Red Nails section, Polka Dot nails, or animal designs. Either way, if you are here, it means you found it – so thank you for that.

Now you can read about it on Amazon, but I thought I can write it better – so here is my version of what you’ll get here (or your daughter…):

What is the Miraculous Ladybug Nail Swag Set All About?

Embrace your inner superhero and transform your look with the Miraculous Spots On Beauty Makeover, an Official Licensed Product that offers a DIY beauty experience perfect for a glam day at home!

Enjoy nail art featuring shimmery blue, pink, and purple nail polishes, along with nail decals for the perfect design. Opt for stick-on nails if you’re short on time. Experiment with vibrant hair spray colors in blue, red, and yellow on your hair or the included extensions. Create an ombre effect, add bold streaks, or layer the colors for a unique look.

Enhance your superhero style with ladybug clip-on earrings and save the day in fashion. Ideal for sleepover parties or as a thoughtful gift, this beauty makeover set is perfect for any Miraculous fan aged 6 and up. Rest assured knowing you’re using an Official Miraculous Licensed Product from Horizon Group USA.

Don’t wait to transform into a stylish superhero! Get the Miraculous Spots On Beauty Makeover set today and let your creativity soar while showcasing your love for Miraculous characters.

Miraculous Ladybug Nail Swag Set FAQ

Disclaimer – I’m trying to answer questions to the best of my knowledge. We are not the manufacturers nor the distributors so for the most accurate answers, especially on safety and/or health-related matters like allergies – you have to contact the seller!

Q: For which age is this set suitable? 
A: Yes, the Miraculous Spots On Beauty Makeover set is designed for children aged 6 and up.

Q: Are beauty products safe and allergy-free?
A: The set contains vegan-friendly, clean beauty products that are free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals. However, if you have specific allergies, it’s best to check the ingredients list before use and to contact the Seller.

Q: How easy is it to remove the hair spray color?
A: The hair spray colors are temporary and can be easily washed out when you’re ready for a new look.

Q: Can the nail decals be reused?
A: Nail decals are generally designed for one-time use. However, if you carefully remove them, you may be able to reuse them for another application.

Q: Are the hair extensions suitable for all hair types?
A: The included clip-on extensions should work with most hair types, but results may vary depending on the thickness and texture of your hair.

Q: Can I purchase additional nail polishes or hair spray colors separately?
A: You may be able to find similar products from the same brand or other brands, but the specific colors included in this set may not be available individually.

Q: Is this product officially licensed Miraculous merchandise?
A: Yes, the Miraculous Spots On Beauty Makeover set is an Official Miraculous Licensed Product from Horizon Group USA.

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