Burgundy Nails Done Right

Burgundy is a beautiful color. Dark, elegant, and sophisticated just like a fine wine. If you’re feeling adventurous with your nails why not try out this shade of deep red that goes by the same name? The richness of burgundy will surely have you looking fabulous from morning until night!

Featured Burgundy Nail Designs

There are probably hundreds of burgundy nail ideas you can play with. BUT, while the trendiness of burgundy is on the rise, some styles rose above the rest.

Here are the best of the best that burgundy has to offer:

Matte Burgundy Nails

The matte nails trend is very big nowadays. Matte finishes are great because they can be playful or professional depending on what other elements you include in your look.

Burgundy Ombre Nails

The ombre trend is also big in the beauty world. The gradual transition from one color to another makes for a smooth and pretty finish on your nails. An idea for burgundy Ombre design can be a swipe of dark burgundy at the tip of your nails, that will give you that edgy but feminine appeal.

Rose Gold Burgundy Nails

Rose gold is so hot right now. I’ve already done a blog post on this lovely trend. If you like this idea of burgundy and gold combination, there are several ways to achieve it.

For example, you can add rose gold glitters to your nails, or, alternatively, you can add rose gold stripes on top of your burgundy nails.

Burgundy Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are always a good idea. They are perfect for nail art, because they have a very original look and you can put on top any color or design without being worried it will damage the natural nails underneath. And it’s no different with those seeking burgundy colored nails.

Burgundy French Tip Design

One way to make your burgundy-colored acrylic nails more interesting is by adding some French Tips! You can use white or pink powder at the tip of your french manicure to create a classy and playful design.

Burgundy Nails with Silver Glitters

Silver glitters are also a trend in itself right now, but you can choose to add them to your burgundy nails for an extra chic finish. The silver glitters will go perfectly with any type of nail and finish. Just imagine how much fun it would be to have this color on your hands during holiday parties or any other glamorous occasion!

Short Burgundy Nails

Burgundy looks great on short nails! Unlike other dark colors, burgundy actually has the ability to look sophisticated and elegant on very short nails since there’s less surface area for the color to cover up. This is one case where size definitely doesn’t matter so go ahead and show off those cute little fingers!