Grey Nail Designs

Grey nails are a trendy and fashionable color choice that has been spreading like wildfire! In fact, the grey nail color is said to become the new black.

What Make Grey Nails A Great Choice for Everyone?

Everyone needs a break from the usual pink, red and white which is why grey nails are becoming the new hit. Grey also matches everything; it goes well with both casual and dressy clothes and shoes, so it’s an easy choice to make when getting your nails done.

There are many types of gray color schemes available. For instance, there’s a slate grey nail polish or charcoal grey color scheme that has undertones of brown which makes it a popular choice for fall fashion trends. If you’re more into dark colors but don’t want black, grey nail polish with slightly blue undertones is a stunning choice for any season.

Leading Grey Nail Polish Colors of this Season

Not all grey nail polishes are made equal and there are a few grey nail colors that are trending more than others.

Dark Grey Nails -

Dark grey is the original gray color that has come to be associated with trends and fashion. It’s stylish, chic, and looks great particularly on women who like dark colors.

Light Grey Nails -

There are many shades of light gray available but lighter greys can best complement blonde hair while darker greys will work better on brunettes.

Blue Grey Nail Polish -

Cool-toned greys are, as the name suggests, more blue than silver in appearance so they may not be for everyone at all times. Blue-grey nails are perfect for fall fashions.

Violet Grey Nails Polish -

Violet grey is a really cool shade that is trending among fashionistas. If you are into the latest fashion trends, then this color of nail polish will make your look stand out over any other color. This deep tone of grey looks great on women who have dark hair and eyes. Violet gray can be used on both hands and feet for a trendy look.

But the right color is only one aspect. When it comes to nail designs you need to consider shapes and implementation techniques as well. But in greys, there is one to rule them all

Matte Grey Nails

For a trendy look, matte grey nails are what you need this fall. When it comes to grey nail design, matte grey with silver undertones is the most popular choice as it can work as a neutral color that will go well with any outfit with any style.

In essence, matte grey looks chic and stylish!

Matte colors have been around for a while now and they have always been a favorite of fashionistas looking for “rustic” or bohemian looks. The trend has now made its way to the top 10 popular colors styles for many years now and doesn’t seem as if it will go away any time soon.