Multi-Colored Nails of 2022

Tired of the same old styles? Why not try something new? The latest trend in the nail industry is ‘multi-colored nails’. Not only are they bright and colorful, but also super trendy.

How about a pop of pink with some glitter on your ring finger? Or perhaps yellow ombre are more your style. And if you don’t want to go overboard, try one solid color with a different accent! It seems like there’s no limit to what colors you can mix together.


Leading Multi Color Nail Designs

There are an endless amount of multi-colored nails color combinations that would look spectacular. You can get inspired by the featured designs here above or from the pallets that I will soon share below.

BUT, there are six colorful trends that overtake them all:

1. Multi Color French Tip Nails

This is just like the usual French tip manicure, but with a twist. Instead of using one color for the tips, you can use two or more! This design looks best when it blends into each other – that’s why having pastel colors may be your best bet. If you really want to have your head spin, check out our gallery of colored French tip nails – it will dazzle you!

2. Bright Multi-Colored Nails

Follow the featured pictures on how to achieve this color style. You can use any colors of your choice, just be sure that they complement one another. Remember, you don’t have to stick to neon colors…bright is always trendy! If you decide to go with more than three different colors, make sure that you choose them wisely.

Bright multi colored nails
Bright multi-colored nails in multiple designs

3. Dark Multi-colored Nails

This is the more elegant version of multi-color nails. Although it may seem hard to achieve, it’s actually very simple. Choose three different colors that are close to each other on the color wheel – so for example purple, pink, and lavender. These colors together give off an ethereal look which will definitely bring people’s attention! You can also opt for three darker shades – burgundy, wine red, and dark brown. This is perfect for those who want vivid nails but don’t feel comfortable with neon hues.

4. Neon Multicolor Nails

First things first – you need a base coat of clear or neon polish to achieve this look! Then, choose two or three colors of your choice and blend them together on the tip of the nail. This style is quite simple yet elegant – perfect for those with short nails who can’t do complicated designs!

5. Different Color Ombre Nails

This color combination can be achieved in many different ways. For example, you could apply the lightest shade on your tips and paint darker shades toward the middle of your nail. You can also use a clear polish as a base and add all sorts of different colors to it! If you’re feeling extra creative, try designing swirly patterns with multicolored polishes!

6. Multi Colored Acrylic Nails

This is a great style for those who like to wear nails every day! By using acrylic and gel polishes, you can create any design you want and choose any colors you please. We suggest that you use contrasting colors – that way, your nails will stand out against other designs!

Multi Colored Nails Options

Featured Multi Color Nail Ideas

As implied in the name, multi-colored nails come in an abundance of options, essentially endless. Here are just a few color ideas to get you started:

1. Pink and yellow ombre:  Mix together the bright shades of pink and yellow for a vibrant look made famous by Nail Pop, featured on

2. Hot pink tips with black curves: For something more subtle, try adding a pop of hot pink to the tips of your fingers, then use black as an accent color that will really make it stand out against your skin tone!

3. Rainbow glitter gradient: No one says you can’t have some fun with your nails! This design looks great paired with a pastel outfit or summer dress. Simply start off with a base coat of white, follow up with a coat or two of different colored glitter polishes (rainbow is best), and finish with a coat of topcoat to keep it from chipping.

4. Pink and white ombre: These will remind you of cotton candy, guaranteed! Try this look for a lighter, summery feel that’s perfect for the season.

5. Black and gold texture: You can’t go wrong with classic black and gold- use them together as the base color and accent nail, respectively, then add in some gold studs or glitter to make it more eye-catching!

Colorful Conclusion

Just remember that there are no rules when it comes to fashion – feel free to stray away from these trends or just go ahead with one (or more!). There’s nothing wrong with following your instincts! After all, fashion is supposed to reflect yourself – don’t forget to make it count.

*** If I were to choose which one I like most, I would have to go with Bright Multi-Colored Nails …because nothing makes me feel more alive than a pop of color on my nails. Plus it’s trending now so why not? 😉 ***