Yellow Nail Designs

Yellow nails are the latest fashion trend. From glittery nails to neon nails, yellow is one of the best colors for your manicure!

Yellow nail art is usually paired with silver or white color, but you can always experiment with other colors. The advantages of this fun shade are that it looks amazing on every skin tone and might be considered a great choice for daily life as well as for special occasions.

Top 10 Yellow Nail Designs & Ideas:

1. Glittery Yellow Nails

The cool thing about this shade is that it looks amazing on every skin tone. It’s also super easy to mix with other colors. And if you love glitter, here’s a great idea for you! Just apply a silver-white base coat plus some dots of your favorite color before adding the top coat for an incredible, eye-catching nail design!

Make sure to use high-quality glitter so the nails stay sealed and shiny. Apply a special top coat for the stronghold and let dry completely before wearing your new yellow nails!

2. Neon Yellow Nail Design

Neon-yellow color will definitely make any outfit look instantly brighter and more fun. The bright neon trend has been around for quite some time now and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The trick to this interesting nail art is to apply the base coat slightly lighter than your natural skin tone so that the neon shade will pop up! After drying completely, add a layer of topcoat to protect the design from damage. Add some other fun colors as accent nails or just enjoy your funky yellow nails!

3. Yellow Ombre Nails

Yellow ombre nails are also a really hot trend right now. This color transition looks great on both hands and feet because it can be easily matched with any outfit you have in mind! What makes it even more special is that you can even easily DIY this at home. But how to do it is a different article…

4. Pastel Yellow Nails

Pastel nail colors are also very popular right now, especially when it comes to nail polishes. No wonder the soft shades like pink or yellow look amazing together! For this summery-like manicure, you’ll need three or four different nail polish colors, for example, white, light yellow, and light pink – however many coats it takes for the shade to match your cuticles perfectly.

5. Pink and Yellow Nails

This shade is a great choice for all the pink lovers out there! Apply a clear base coat plus two coats of pastel pink nail polish. Lastly, you can add yellow stripes for another unique and personalized touch. Pick out an opaque yellow nail polish and apply one thin stripe across each pink-tipped nail. You can always mix things up by creating different designs with other colors, but the classic combo looks amazing as well!

6. Matte Yellow Nails

Matte yellow nail polish will definitely make your hands look edgy and cool. You can even pair this color with a matte black manicure! The dark shade is also super chic and it will play down the brightness of your new yellow nails.

But I’m not really objective, matte nail designs are my favorite (for now…)

7. Black and Yellow Nails

Black is definitely a must-have shade when it comes to nail designs, especially for this season! Yellow is a great alternative to the classic black color because it looks very interesting and eye-catching. You can either choose any yellow shade that suits your skin tone best or go for pastel shades like light yellow, pink or white – whatever you prefer!

8. Blue and Yellow Nails

Another color combination that you’ll fall in love with is blue and yellow. They look absolutely stunning together: the royal blue gives off a chic and elegant vibe while yellow looks girly and playful. This nail art idea is perfect for everyday wear!

9. Light Yellow Nails

Light yellow is a fantastic choice for a summer manicure idea because it’s very light and has a nice, refreshing effect. It goes well with both dark and bright shades, so feel free to experiment with different color outfits!

10. Yellow and White Nails

Yellow and white were made to go together! You can’t go wrong with this cute nail design idea. It’s perfect for spring or summer, so feel free to wear it whenever you want – people will love your unique style!