Bright Summer Nails That Would Make You Shine

Bright summer nails are the most popular trend of this season. If you want your manicure to stand out, you should definitely try some of this year’s bright nail ideas.

Here are some bright nail ideas on how to make your manicure unique and inspiring! Whether you prefer short or long nails, there is something for everyone in this collection.

And what’s interesting in this year’s color collection is that it works with practically every design so you can choose whatever design fits your style the best.

Without further ado, here are the bright designs and ideas that work best this summer:

Neon Bright Summer Nails

The first bright summer style is all about neon colors. If this may seem hard to pull off, but you can always try out some neon nail accessories or safety pin designs to make it more interesting and fun!

Simply put, this summer neon colors are dominating the runways, where designers paired colored neon nails with other bright accessories to make it glittery. You can also match your favorite lipstick with your neon outfit for an extra pop of color!

You can use yellow, blue, or green colored polishes for a more subtle effect if you’re not ready to go all out yet.

What Other Bright Summer Nail Colors Are There?

A few more bright colors that you can try this summer are:

Lemon Zest

For a fresher look, lemon zest is a great choice for your nails. It’s a very light and soft color so it’s going to be perfect for those with long nails.

Orchard Rose

This color is a shade of pink with orange undertones. You can even mix this up with some shiny silver nail accessories if you want to make the manicure stand out more!

Watermelon Slice

There are many different ways how you can incorporate watermelon slices in your nail art without actually painting them on there. You can use white or red polish and add some green stripes or simply create round shapes using green glitter.

Tangerine Dream

This color is great for the summer because of its vibrant orange tone. You can try out this shade of nail polish if you want to make your manicure resemble a sunset!

Mango Tango

Whether you prefer long or short nails, ‘mango tango’ will look great on each one of them! This shade is more vivid than a tangerine dream so it’ll be perfect for those who are ready to go bold with their summer looks.

Sunkissed Peach

Peachy colors are very popular during the warmer months so why not wear them on your nails? If you have light skin, then sunkissed peach will be an ideal choice for you. But even individuals with darker skin tones can try this.

Skipping Stones

This is one of the brightest summer colors! It’s a mix of pink, orange, and yellow so it looks like you dipped your nails in lemonade. You can even add some silver rings or stickers to make it more lively and fun!

Mellow Yellow

The mellow yellow nail color is what reminds us of honeydew melons. If you want to look fresh no matter where you are going, don’t hesitate to wear mellow yellow nail polish!


While we’re on the topic of melons, why not try watermelon as your next summer nail color? This is a great opportunity to use some green glitter to make it look even more festive and fun.

Sunny Yellow

This bright yellow shade looks great with every complexion so you don’t have to worry about that! You can always match it up with some subtle pink or white accessories to make it brighter and more interesting.  

Last but not least…

Cool Bright Summer Nail Ideas & Styles

While when people think about summer and nails it is the colors that come to mind… that’s not all. And there are two nail designs, nail styles, that are trending more than others this summer –

Bright Summer Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have their own special look to them. Combined with neon summer colors, they really stand out!

Bright Summer Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are amongst the most popular nail shapes out there. And while often thought about as more elegant, in their shorter version along with summer colors you get a cool looking hand!