Pink French Tip Nails - What You Need to Know

The pink French manicure got a makeover. Pink french tip nails are one of the most popular choices for women. Not only do they look cute and sweet, but also very classy.

The idea of taking the classic French tip nails and adding a stylish “kick” to them does wonders – out with the old in with the new. But it goes beyond that… this color splash allows you to both make a fashion statement and add your own personality into it.

Just take what was done all the years, and do the opposite – instead of having french nails with pink base, make a pink tip french manicure. That’s already a statement wouldn’t you say?

And you’d be surprised what amazing color combinations are out there that work with pink french manicure.

HOT Pink French Tip Nail Designs

One of the things I love about nail designs is that you cannot go wrong!!

Nevertheless, to some, this freedom can be confusing. Plus, we always like to peep on others to get some inspiration. So here are the trendiest designs and styles that go with pink French nails:

Pink French Nails -

Double down on pink! Use two shades of pink, one for the tip and one for the rest. In a way it is like a twist to the nude nails design, depending on how much contrast you use between the pink hues.

Light Pink French Tips -

A great option if you are not ready to go crazy colorful, light pink nail tips can resemble white which makes them closer to the classic French manicure.

Black and Pink French Tip Nails -

When you pair pink with black, you immediately add sophistication and impact. This is a color combination that will not go unnoticed.

It is the contradiction that makes it work so well. They balance each other and let you enjoy a girlish charm along with strength and maturity. My suggestion… try it!

Pink French Tip Acrylic Nails -

Acrylic nails are IT. Not much more to say about it honestly. Easy on easy off. Great for trying and playing with new designs. Since good-looking French nails require well-maintained nails, acrylic is an amazing solution.

Pink French Tip Coffin Nails -

Coffin nails, due to their long nature are great for playful French nail designs. It’s no wonder then that often when making a color fashion statement they are the selected shape. The same goes with french tip nails and this combination is one of the most sought-after when looking for pink french tips.