Short Nail Designs

Short nails look incredibly trendy especially right now with how fancy everything is about being simple. The huge variety of designs that work well with short nails can’t be ignored either – from cute flower decals to classy marble prints, you’ll definitely find a nail art design that suits your personality and style. 

So if you aren’t decided on whether or not you should keep them this way or just go all in and cut them off, here are over 1,000 options that will inspire you to do just that!

The Pros of Having Short Nails

There’s a variety of reasons as to why people prefer either short nails or long ones. The benefits and advantages of short nails are listed below:

  1. Attractive – They look unique, interesting, and cool enough to make them very attractive both for men and women alike.
  2. Low-maintenance – Short nails require less time in terms of cuticle care because there’s not much visible surface area to take off every week which means your cuticles will also be healthier for it!
  3. Easy To Polish – Painting them takes no time at all due to their small size which makes them a lot more accessible should you ever need a touch-up during the day or before going out somewhere.
  4. Better Grip & Practical – With short nails, you might find it easier to pick up and hold onto smaller objects. Can you imagine typing a keyboard using Stilleto Nails?
  5. Better For Your Health – May sound a bit odd but still true… You can also accidentally scratch yourself or someone else which is a lot less likely to happen if you have shorter ones!

Which Nail Design is Ideal for Short Nails?

With regards to which nail designs are best for short nails, it’s really just a matter of preference since they look good regardless. But if you are planning on having this type of nails, here are some popular choices that women have recently been flaunting out there –

  1. Short French Tips – These are the most common choice because not only do they make your fingers look longer but also polished and clean while adding an extra feminine touch to your whole entire appearance.
  2. Cute Flowers – Nothing screams girly more than colorful flowers all over your nails! The vibrant colors can easily bring out the lovely woman in you while also making them stand out even with their length. You can experiment with different flower sizes or stick to one large one on each finger.
  3. Fun Patterns – Checkered, geometric or striped patterns can also look good on short nails without taking too much attention from your hands and fingers. Using brighter colors for a more vibrant effect is recommended to achieve a cute and fun style!