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VERY BEST Nail Salons in Mooresville, NC

Mooresville. North Carolina

Looking for the best nail salons in Mooresville, NC? Not an easy task!

While Mooresville is not that big (less than 40,000 people, I checked 🙂 ) – it has dozens and dozens of nail salons. So how can you choose the right one for you?

Look no further – This is what we are here for.

How We Chose Which of Moorseville’s Nail Salons Are Worth Featuring?

I wish there was a simple way that with the click of a button you’d get a list of the best nail salons in Moorseville North Carolina. Unfortunately, It’s not that simple.

With Google showing you may be as much as hundreds, and the other listing services also adding listings to the “party” – it’s getting quite confusing.

We tried to organize and filter them for you. We took into account important factors such as:

– Services offered

– Quality of service

– Price

– Location

– Hours of operation

We gave lots of attention to what others, like you and I, had to say about them. And with that said, if by any chance we missed a place you deem worthwhile showing – please do let us know.

We are strong believers in using this list to give job opportunities to nail salons that otherwise may be missed.

So without further ado, here is our list of the best nail salons in Mooresville, NC:

Featured Nail Salons in Mooresville North Carolina



"Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentlemen"

For the writing of these lines, VIP Nails Salon features 139 reviews, out of which 137 are perfect 5 star

Worth Mentioning (by Owner)

  • Accepting Walk-ins
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • Has Kids Manicure

Phone: 980-729-3789
Email: [email protected]
Address: 118 Town Center Dr., Mooresville, NC 28117

Featured Location

The Salon

Not far from Mooresville's Walmart lays a salon that is highly recommended. A perfect solution for a spontaneous treatment during a busy day.

What Others Say

“Best place in Mooresville, small personable and very good work”

Phone: 704-658-9992
Address: 403 E Center Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115

Nail Design Prices

Nail Salon Prices in Mooresville, NC

Prices below were collected from multiple nail salons found in Mooresville NC. Each and every nail salon has its own prices, these are to reflect example non-binding prices for the area.

Trending Nail Designs from Mooresville NC

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